Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Getting unfilled was awesome and horrible at the same time.

I can eat and drink without any issues. No PB episodes. No reflux. I have a cold and I'm not so tight that nothing goes down and water comes back up.

The bad part is that I can eat and drink without any issues. It's like I'm wide open there, even though I'm still half filled. This has led to me pack on weight like I'm going to hibernate for the winter.

Since April, I have regained 47lbs. That is alot of hard work that has been thrown away on my part. I'm disappointed in myself. Embarrassed, even, that I've let this get out of control.

I am still working out 2- 3x a week. I still make good food choices...most of the time. Am I perfect? No, but then again I never was. But I'm not living on milkshakes and sliders. I eat real food, and that sometimes involves gravy or rolls... But not every meal.

So Monday, I made a decision to buckle down. To be more aware of what I eat, and when I eat (I've gotten bad about eating at night after 9pm). 

I'm tracking in MFP. I'm doing my best to get to the gym when I can. I'm drinking more water and eating less chocolate. I've switched back to diet soda from regular soda.

And I started a challenge with three coworkers to get through the holidays, and hopefully be lower than when I started. Let's see how this goes!