Thursday, April 24, 2014

One week almost over

I've almost survived the first week. One more day. It will just get easier from here on out.

Once I get through the training and once my new office is rehabbed and I can move in, I'll be in a better place to buckle down and focus on the (multiple) tasks at hand. I had no idea there was so much involved with OSHA. I'm apparently the safety officer as well as the whole HR dept.

I'm tired but feel pretty good. I've also been walking at breakfast or lunch so I think that's been helping to keep my anxiety at bay. I've also had some mad crazy restriction this week so I'm not stress eating.

The picture is from the Carroll County Arts Council Peep Show. It's an Olaf made entirely of peeps. We went Thursday last week. I thought it was cute enough to share!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The new place

Days one and two have gone well. I'm BUSY! Very strict internet policy and I'm kind of sharing an office with IT right not so I'm not going to risk it.

My office will be ready in 2-3 weeks. They are not moving in December now so I'll get my own office sooner... But no window.

I've been slammed with training, meeting people, and trying to keep track of everything.

It's going to be a challenge. Yesterday I was beginning to doubt myself. . .Today I feel more confident thanks to good friends who sent me encouragement.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Radio silence

Sorry for being m.I.a. this week. It was crazy busy. But now I've survived my final week at a job that I've worked at for almost 5 years.

I have a lot to be thankful for at my last job. I was able to get my lap band covered for only a $200 copay. I had a very understanding boss and coworkers who covered for me when my mom was dying. I was able to obtain my professional certification and maintain it for very little out of pocket cost. I made some great friends and I made some good colleagues. I am sorry that my time there has come to an end... But I'm also excited for the next steps to start.

Right now, the future is wide open. I'm going to join a gym. I want to buy a house. I am ready to run headfirst into the unknown with my arms and eyes wide open.

Monday morning I take that first big step. I'm going to start a new job with new people. I'm going to be facing new challenges, new personalities, and leaving my comfort zone for the first time in a long time.

I'm excited for this new future to start... And I can't wait to share it with you!

Happy Easter, Happy Spring...Happy Happy Everything!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Crazy Week!

This is the last week at my current job--and it's going to be jam packed! I had two orientations yesterday, Wednesday I have a professional conference, Thursday I'm heading to Philly with the ELB, and then Friday I'm out of here! I start my new job Monday.

I'm waiting patiently for my Avenue pants to arrive so that I can try them on. I refuse to wear any of my old pants. They are all washed, folded, and ready to get donated to someone who can use them. If you guys know of someone (or if you are someone) who needs clothing in the 30-34 size range, I have four pretty summer tops, two pairs of crops (1 denim, 1 khaki), and some black work pants that I will donate to them. I know how hard it is to find plus size clothing in those extended sizes, and I know how expensive it is to buy it. Just leave a message and I'll get back to you.

I also ended up ordering a pair of yoga crop pants from Catherines the other day during a sale for 40% off. Those should also arrive this week. I'm excited to join the gym and start working on my exercise. I'm hoping that adding the gym, even just a few days a week, will help me see more results.

No much else going on, except yesterday, it was almost 80 degrees here in Baltimore. Tonight, we are supposed to see snow. Yes, you read that correctly--SNOW. We are actually under a FREEZE WARNING tonight. Seriously.  The A/C was running when I left the house this morning, but by the time I get home, the heat will be on.

I think that the old adage of "if you don't like the weather in _________, wait five minutes" can be applied to everywhere that I've ever lived...Virginia, Michigan, Maryland...except for Richmond. Because in Richmond, there is only one weather--so if you wait for that to change, you're out of luck.

Happy Tuesday!

Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday! Friday! Friday!

That has been chanting through my head ALL WEEK! Well, since Wednesday, when I finally came to work, that is.

It's Friday. I just need to make it through today, and then I'm going out with my work girls for some drinks and fun at Don Pablos. This has been weeks and weeks in the planning/scheduling stage, so needless to say, I am excited! Bring on the Sangria...err, or Margaritas...or, hell, I don't know--something that will make me feel pretty darn happy! There will be alcohol, and probably copious amounts of chips and salsa consumed (thank GOD that chips are sliders--I do not need an episode today!).

I'm going to soak up some of this glorious weather.

I went yesterday to Catherines to get a duplicate pair of the pants I got the other day. They didn't have my size, but they have the "new sizing"--which means, they don't have true sizes any more-it's all combined sizes with numbers like 0X, 1X, 2X, etc. A pair of 26/28 (3X) will NOT fit the same as a pair of true 28. I tried them on. It was BAD. Everything that I love about my pair that I just got was wrong with the split size. It emphasized everything that the true 28 draped. I was so angry and disappointed.And when they checked the system, there were no 28's in that style available anywhere in the system. #MASSIVEFAIL

Seriously, clothing people, Stop Screwing Around With Sizing. What is wrong with having a true size number? I know what I want. I know what I need. And you fail to deliver on that so many times. So the one pair that I have will be worn EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until I can fit into my pants I already have at home. I refuse to wear my old pants now, knowing how bad they look, and how good the new ones look. I felt so much more confident in the new pants.  I did order a pair of pants from The Avenue this morning--for $19.99. Don't know if they will fit, but for that price, I'm willing to take a chance. It just sucks that you have to pay shipping--because The Avenue doesn't carry any sizes in store over a 26--so I can't go and try them on--and they don't offer free shipping to the store like Catherines and LB do. Sigh.

Okay, off my soapbox now.

I hope that everyone one of you gets to experience this beautiful weather, and that you have a terrific weekend! C'mon 4:30!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

uggggghhh...and yay!

I have been cleaning/ridding out my desk for two days now. TWO. DAYS.

It's amazing how much junk/crap you can accumulate in 4.5 years...not to mention DUST BUNNIES.

That's the Ugggghhh..

The YAY is Hollee is giving away two MATRIX sample packs on her blog. Go check it out. I'm actually entering RIGHT THIS MINUTE by posting this entry.

So, Hollee--you're gonna pick me right? Right?

I'm gonna do the Facebook thing when I get home--the J.O.B. kind of frowns on that stuff at work. :)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching a busy week!

Wow, the past four days have been a whirlwind of activity...sorta.

Saturday we went to Philly, then to Princeton, NJ, and then to West Chester (where Rutgers is just to hit the RU Hungry truck), and then back to Baltimore. Long day, but fun. I scored three future pairs of pants at the Goodwill in Swarthmore--the BEST Goodwill EVER, along with a large summer type purse bag, and three books. One pair of pants was new with tags. All for $4 a pair.

Sunday was quiet, and we stayed in--mainly because we didn't go to bed until 4am, and we pretty much slept the day away.

Monday, we had plans to go to Hagerstown to watch a baseball game--but the rain had other plans. Instead, we slept late, then headed out to Hagerstown anyways to hit the outlet mall.  I scored a new pair of tennis shoes for my soon-to-be new gym membership. I also picked up a fathers day gift for my dad, and some things for his Christmas gift. The ELB got some things at the Under Armour store, and we headed home in the cold and rainy fog.

Tuesday was GORGEOUS. I test drove my commute (20 minutes!), then visited the gym that I found online. I really liked the atmosphere--the owner is female, my age, and super nice. They offer Zumba and kick boxing, and pilates classes--and they have 24 hour access. They also have weights and regular boxing in a ring. It's not all shiny and new--it's broken in and comfortable. And there was a lack of spandex on the women, which was a plus. I think that this will be my gym come May 1--it's more affordable and less intimidating than a Golds or LA Fitness, and it offers classes, unlike Planet Fitness--and it's only 4 miles from my new job.

We made a quick stop at the bank, and then I went to Catherines and got a pair of work pants. I just got one, with the hopes that I will be able to fit into my other two pairs of pants that I already own soon. I also picked up two new tops for spring. Pants are so freaking EXPENSIVE!

I am meeting up with two of my Bandster girls for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut (it's LONG over due--I haven't had it cut since December!). Friday, I'm going out with my work girls for drinks and dinner. That's been long overdue, also.

My long weekend also meant that I have been a bad Bandster. I have been eating far too much fried food, and not getting my water in, and probably not my protein. I woke up yesterday with a subdermal pimple on the side of my chin that actually was so large it caused a visible deformity in my jawline. WTF. So, today, I'm going to go spend $100 to replace my Proactive cleanser and moisturizer that I haven't bought recently because I've been poor--but which I apparently need to keep my skin clear. And right now, I need clear skin. I do not want to start a new job with acne, and a potential ID badge that will be a constant reminder of that. It's too bad that my stupid drivers license will always show the huge chin pimple I had when that picture was taken.

So, I'm back in the, well, the work saddle. I'm rocking my new pants and one of my new tops today. The sun is out. It's going to be GORGEOUS again today. The temps are going to be getting into the 70's for the next 7 days! SO EXCITED!

Happy Hump Day! It's good to back! I've missed you!

Monday, April 7, 2014

On temp leave

Using up some vacation time before I change jobs. I'll be back on wed!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

After today, things will NEVER be the same.

Once you have slimed and PB'd a bite of chicken quesadilla with jalapenos through your NOSE, your life will the same.

Oh, the humanity!

UPDATED: Because you asked, I'll tell you. I was at work. At my desk. And I had just taken a phone as I answer the phone, I feel the slime in my throat, and I swallow it back until I can get off the phone--NOT a good idea--that forced it to come up and out through my nose. Luckily, I was able to get the trashcan and not end up wearing it--and I don't know if the person on the other side of the phone even noticed--but the jalapenos BURNED...and every time I blew my nose out came bits of cheese and peppers for about the next 10 minutes.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thank you!

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you that left such sweet comments on my post yesterday. It made me smile--and made the ELB smile, too, when he read them all. You guys are so awesome! I'm so glad we are friends!

Secondly, is anyone else LOVING this weather? Seriously, it's awesome.

I walked 10 laps yesterday at work--5 before work, and 5 more at lunch. Then I walked 5 more this morning--and I'll get another mile in on my walk home from the bus stop tonight. I am totally digging these temps and the gorgeous sunshine!

Thirdly, I hate EVERYTHING in my wardrobe! The pants that I can fit into look like clown pants--but the other pants that I own still look like sausages on my thighs--even with a little spandex help. And I detest spandex help--but I'm willing to make the sacrifice to wear pants that fit.

And I want to buy new clothes so badly--but I just can't justify spending money on clothes that *hopefully* I won't be wearing too much longer. So, I'm shopping for spring in my own closet--seeing what I have available there, and hopefully, other than some pants, I should be okay for spring. I still have two huge bins full of my moms summer clothes that I would love to wear--but they are still too small.

With starting a new position soon, I've become painfully aware of how sloppy my clothes look on me, and I'm embarrassed that I walk around in public like this--but I don't really have any other options right now--except to look like a sausage--and that's less appealing than looking like I'm wearing a tent.

I'm looking into joining a gym after I start my new job.  I found a place online that looks like a potential option--it's relatively close to my new job (both the current office and the new office after we move in December), and it's only $25/month. And it has classes! I'm so excited! I think that the price and location are great--I just want to go check it out and see if they are nice or not. Plus, since I budget more than that each month for tolls for the tunnel right now which I won't be using after April 18--I really shouldn't see anything impact me financially. Bonus! Fingers crossed this place is nice and will be somewhere that I will be happy to go and not dread going.

I don't really have anything else right now, except that I hit Big Lots and Trader Joes last night and got some good buys! At Big Lots, they sell Zone protein bars for like, $0.60 cents each. I picked up a few to keep on hand for meals when I'm not near real food. I also found my shampoo/conditioner that I totally love, but which Pantene apparently doesn't carry main market anymore. At Trader Joes, I picked up some hummus, some savory thin mini crackers (LOVE), some gnocchi and some artichoke pesto. I did NOT buy cookie butter! I walked away. That is an NSV if ever there was one!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I hope that you all have an awesome day! :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Still twitterpated after all this time!

Wishing the ELB a very happy 7th anniversary together! 

On March 31, 2007, we met for the first time, and went on a 12 hour date that took us from Richmond, VA, (where I was living at the time) to Baltimore (where, ironically, we live now). When you have nothing but time in the car, you talk about everything. And, we've been inseparable ever since. 

I don't know what my life would be like without having him in it. He is my other half. He's my best friend. He's the person that always has my back. He's my biggest cheerleader, and he's the love of my life. 

My mom always told me to marry my best friend...and one day, I will. But right now, I'm happy with what we have together.

As long as I have him by my side, there is NOTHING in this world that is out of reach. 

I love you, baby. I always will, no matter what. You still make me grin like a fool, because of how much in love with you I am.   

I can't wait to see where the rest of our lives take us....together!