Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Catching a busy week!

Wow, the past four days have been a whirlwind of activity...sorta.

Saturday we went to Philly, then to Princeton, NJ, and then to West Chester (where Rutgers is just to hit the RU Hungry truck), and then back to Baltimore. Long day, but fun. I scored three future pairs of pants at the Goodwill in Swarthmore--the BEST Goodwill EVER, along with a large summer type purse bag, and three books. One pair of pants was new with tags. All for $4 a pair.

Sunday was quiet, and we stayed in--mainly because we didn't go to bed until 4am, and we pretty much slept the day away.

Monday, we had plans to go to Hagerstown to watch a baseball game--but the rain had other plans. Instead, we slept late, then headed out to Hagerstown anyways to hit the outlet mall.  I scored a new pair of tennis shoes for my soon-to-be new gym membership. I also picked up a fathers day gift for my dad, and some things for his Christmas gift. The ELB got some things at the Under Armour store, and we headed home in the cold and rainy fog.

Tuesday was GORGEOUS. I test drove my commute (20 minutes!), then visited the gym that I found online. I really liked the atmosphere--the owner is female, my age, and super nice. They offer Zumba and kick boxing, and pilates classes--and they have 24 hour access. They also have weights and regular boxing in a ring. It's not all shiny and new--it's broken in and comfortable. And there was a lack of spandex on the women, which was a plus. I think that this will be my gym come May 1--it's more affordable and less intimidating than a Golds or LA Fitness, and it offers classes, unlike Planet Fitness--and it's only 4 miles from my new job.

We made a quick stop at the bank, and then I went to Catherines and got a pair of work pants. I just got one, with the hopes that I will be able to fit into my other two pairs of pants that I already own soon. I also picked up two new tops for spring. Pants are so freaking EXPENSIVE!

I am meeting up with two of my Bandster girls for dinner tonight. Tomorrow, I'm getting my hair cut (it's LONG over due--I haven't had it cut since December!). Friday, I'm going out with my work girls for drinks and dinner. That's been long overdue, also.

My long weekend also meant that I have been a bad Bandster. I have been eating far too much fried food, and not getting my water in, and probably not my protein. I woke up yesterday with a subdermal pimple on the side of my chin that actually was so large it caused a visible deformity in my jawline. WTF. So, today, I'm going to go spend $100 to replace my Proactive cleanser and moisturizer that I haven't bought recently because I've been poor--but which I apparently need to keep my skin clear. And right now, I need clear skin. I do not want to start a new job with acne, and a potential ID badge that will be a constant reminder of that. It's too bad that my stupid drivers license will always show the huge chin pimple I had when that picture was taken.

So, I'm back in the, well, the work saddle. I'm rocking my new pants and one of my new tops today. The sun is out. It's going to be GORGEOUS again today. The temps are going to be getting into the 70's for the next 7 days! SO EXCITED!

Happy Hump Day! It's good to back! I've missed you!


  1. What a great weekend and I am so glad you got a break before switching jobs!

  2. This whole pimple thing had me laughing. Love the energy and excitement in your post!

  3. You HAVE been busy. Good job scoring all those pants. They are soooooo freaking expensive. I'm just about to stop wearing my last pair of black pants....I need to buy a smaller size and I've been putting it off. Gonna hit up my Goodwill this weekend.

    Your potential new gym sounds awesome. It's a necessity for me to feel comfortable. I went to a gym in my early 20's that had that "meet market" type atmosphere. It was awful. The gym I go to now is mostly older people. I've never felt so young! :)