Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Thank you!

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you that left such sweet comments on my post yesterday. It made me smile--and made the ELB smile, too, when he read them all. You guys are so awesome! I'm so glad we are friends!

Secondly, is anyone else LOVING this weather? Seriously, it's awesome.

I walked 10 laps yesterday at work--5 before work, and 5 more at lunch. Then I walked 5 more this morning--and I'll get another mile in on my walk home from the bus stop tonight. I am totally digging these temps and the gorgeous sunshine!

Thirdly, I hate EVERYTHING in my wardrobe! The pants that I can fit into look like clown pants--but the other pants that I own still look like sausages on my thighs--even with a little spandex help. And I detest spandex help--but I'm willing to make the sacrifice to wear pants that fit.

And I want to buy new clothes so badly--but I just can't justify spending money on clothes that *hopefully* I won't be wearing too much longer. So, I'm shopping for spring in my own closet--seeing what I have available there, and hopefully, other than some pants, I should be okay for spring. I still have two huge bins full of my moms summer clothes that I would love to wear--but they are still too small.

With starting a new position soon, I've become painfully aware of how sloppy my clothes look on me, and I'm embarrassed that I walk around in public like this--but I don't really have any other options right now--except to look like a sausage--and that's less appealing than looking like I'm wearing a tent.

I'm looking into joining a gym after I start my new job.  I found a place online that looks like a potential option--it's relatively close to my new job (both the current office and the new office after we move in December), and it's only $25/month. And it has classes! I'm so excited! I think that the price and location are great--I just want to go check it out and see if they are nice or not. Plus, since I budget more than that each month for tolls for the tunnel right now which I won't be using after April 18--I really shouldn't see anything impact me financially. Bonus! Fingers crossed this place is nice and will be somewhere that I will be happy to go and not dread going.

I don't really have anything else right now, except that I hit Big Lots and Trader Joes last night and got some good buys! At Big Lots, they sell Zone protein bars for like, $0.60 cents each. I picked up a few to keep on hand for meals when I'm not near real food. I also found my shampoo/conditioner that I totally love, but which Pantene apparently doesn't carry main market anymore. At Trader Joes, I picked up some hummus, some savory thin mini crackers (LOVE), some gnocchi and some artichoke pesto. I did NOT buy cookie butter! I walked away. That is an NSV if ever there was one!

Happy Wednesday, everybody! I hope that you all have an awesome day! :)


  1. Love this positive post! Hope you had an awesome could you not with such beautiful conditions outside!

  2. I am totally diggin the weather too... it makes my whole attitude better.. If you need in between clothes hit a thrift store.. the only thing that sucks is sometimes you got to pop in 3 or 4 times before you find something you can use.. All my jeans and at least half od my daughters come from the thrift store and this weekend we are looking for some skirts bc we have nothing to wear for an friends upcoming wedding. AND YAY for finding a gym, god location, good price, classes... sounds awesome

    1. I check out the 'will all the time..and i buy alot of things there--case in point, i bought 9 hardback books, 2 Alvin and the chipmunk glasses from 1985, and a handmade bowl from Israel last night--but i can never find the plus sized clothes--or if i do, they are things I wouldn't consider wearing. Beside, we all know that fat girl pants don't transfer well because of the thigh friction--curse of fat girls everywhere--wearing holes throug your pants b/c your legs rub together when you walk. :)

  3. Oooooh...I LOVE Big Lots. You just never know what you're going to find.

    I can relate to the "Tent vs. Sausage" phenomenon. I'm kinda there myself right now. I'm thinking about checking out Goodwill this weekend. If I can find just one good pair of black drawstring pants, I think I'll be good until I can get to the "sausage" stuff I already have.

    Good luck on the gym too. Having someplace I actually like going to has made all the difference. :)

  4. Do you have a local support group? We do clothing exchanges occasionally...but yeah...when I'm inbetween and can't find anything at thrift stores I hit walmart. Economical for short term wearing. And I only buy pants, essentially. lol. In fact I bought a pair last night because I've found nothing and I'm desperate for something other than sweatpants. :0)