Friday, April 11, 2014

Friday! Friday! Friday!

That has been chanting through my head ALL WEEK! Well, since Wednesday, when I finally came to work, that is.

It's Friday. I just need to make it through today, and then I'm going out with my work girls for some drinks and fun at Don Pablos. This has been weeks and weeks in the planning/scheduling stage, so needless to say, I am excited! Bring on the Sangria...err, or Margaritas...or, hell, I don't know--something that will make me feel pretty darn happy! There will be alcohol, and probably copious amounts of chips and salsa consumed (thank GOD that chips are sliders--I do not need an episode today!).

I'm going to soak up some of this glorious weather.

I went yesterday to Catherines to get a duplicate pair of the pants I got the other day. They didn't have my size, but they have the "new sizing"--which means, they don't have true sizes any more-it's all combined sizes with numbers like 0X, 1X, 2X, etc. A pair of 26/28 (3X) will NOT fit the same as a pair of true 28. I tried them on. It was BAD. Everything that I love about my pair that I just got was wrong with the split size. It emphasized everything that the true 28 draped. I was so angry and disappointed.And when they checked the system, there were no 28's in that style available anywhere in the system. #MASSIVEFAIL

Seriously, clothing people, Stop Screwing Around With Sizing. What is wrong with having a true size number? I know what I want. I know what I need. And you fail to deliver on that so many times. So the one pair that I have will be worn EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. until I can fit into my pants I already have at home. I refuse to wear my old pants now, knowing how bad they look, and how good the new ones look. I felt so much more confident in the new pants.  I did order a pair of pants from The Avenue this morning--for $19.99. Don't know if they will fit, but for that price, I'm willing to take a chance. It just sucks that you have to pay shipping--because The Avenue doesn't carry any sizes in store over a 26--so I can't go and try them on--and they don't offer free shipping to the store like Catherines and LB do. Sigh.

Okay, off my soapbox now.

I hope that everyone one of you gets to experience this beautiful weather, and that you have a terrific weekend! C'mon 4:30!

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  1. I get frustrated with the changing sizes too. I loved LB jeans pre-band and wore them all the time, but they changed sizing systems as I went down and I had the same issue. I have no idea why they do that. Pick something and stick to it!!