Monday, October 24, 2016

Baby steps

I'm taking baby steps. Walking in the morning. Easing back into routine. I started with one mile two weeks ago, and have increased to two miles as of this morning. I'm only doing 30 minute miles, but it's a start. My time will get better as I build back up my endurance.

Baby steps.... And I will get there.

Follow up with my new band doctor for an adjustment November 10.

Trying to put the basics back to work. I need to stop drinking with meals. Watching portion sizes. And weaning off carbs. So baby steps.

Monday, October 3, 2016

Taking a break

It's been three months since the move, and things are settling down. I'm learning the city, the ELB is settling into his job, and I've been interviewing like a crazy person.

Honestly, I'm tired. I've had about 30 interviews since July. Thirty. That's not counting the phone and Skype interviews. Just the in person ones.

I just got my third or fourth or fifth "you were a top candidate but we went with another candidate" notification on Friday. 

The job search is stressful. So I'm done. I'm taking time off from the job search. I'm going to focus on me (with the ELBs support). He actually wants me to take time off and suggested it. Not because he wants me to change, but he wants me to be happy. For some reason, he loves me even when I don't love me. And I'm really not in love with me right now.

I have a phone interview and an in person scheduled for tomorrow, which I had put on the calendar Friday (before we made this decision). I'm going to keep them bc they were already scheduled, but I have stopped applying for jobs. I haven't touched Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, Career builder, or any of the other job boards since Friday. Since I'm registered with about six headhunters and I'm on LinkedIn, I'm going to let the jobs come to me.

I have an EGD and upper GI on Wednesday. I'm going to work on getting into a daily exercise routine. I'm going to start tracking my food again. I'm going to do my best to get my health back under control.

I want to be healthy and happy. I want to find my passion. I hope that this time will be a period of self discovery. I hope that I can find myself.