Monday, November 12, 2012


On week 7, we had a visit from a sleep disorder doctor to tell us how important sleep is to weight loss, and overall health. Of course, the first thing he talked about was sleep apnea, and that pretty much all of us need a sleep study done. No.I.don’t.

Why is it that everyone seems to assume that if you’re overweight, you have sleep apnea and need to have a machine to breath for you at night? I feel that it’s unfairly stereotyping heavy people, but I digress.  Just for the record, I do not have sleep apnea. I do have jacked up sinuses due to year round allergies which does cause me to snore sometimes—but my boyfriend says that I do not have apnea. So there.
The funniest moment of the night came when the largest woman in our class (who does walk with a cane), who was just put onto sleep machine (or as I call it, the ‘snooter snotter’) asked about what to do with the machine it when she had “company” over.  The doctor, of course, was like, “well, keep your bedroom door closed.” To which she replied, “I actually meant BEDROOM company.”  The look on the doctors’ face was priceless!
Hey Sleep Doctor—just because we are overweight doesn’t mean that we don’t get our groove on! Most of us actually do have spouses or partners who love us no matter WHAT the scale might say—and yes, we do like to ‘hit’ it. 
And of course Dundalk had to make the class all about herself, and talk about her issues of almost dying EVERY.SINGLE.NIGHT. due to her sleep apnea, but it’s not been diagnosed by a doctor, and she’s not on a machine to help her. She really did hijack the class—and the funny part is—EVERYONE (and not just me and my two BBF’s) notice it, and we ALL sigh and roll our eyes when she talks. I like my classmates more and more as I get to know them and their personalities.
So that was it on sleep.  I know sleep is important—but I can’t help it that all the good TV shows don’t come on until 10pm!

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