Saturday, December 27, 2014

Live from the beach!

This year the trip head been awesome... And it's only the first full day of our trip!

Yesterday, the ELB and I detoured sightly off the route to meet Hollee Alexandria! I would do a link here but I'm stupid and my phone hates me). It was so great to meet with someone who had been such an inspiration in my journey... And who has turned into a friend along the way!

Based on her suggestion, we visited a store called Southern Season... And OMG... It was AMAZING. We could have spent all day there, but as it was we spent about 2 hours there. And spent more money than we planned. But it was awesome. And we will be back.

We rolled into Myrtle Beach at sunset (see picture). We got to the condo, unloaded the car, then went out to get groceries. I picked up some things to make a pot of high protein chili (to assist with my detox process). After dinner we chilled out, and went to bed by 11!

I woke up at 7am, and snapped a picture of the sunrise (see picture) before stumbling back to bed and more sleep.

After a lazy afternoon, the ELB and I went on a three mile beach walk.

Now we are back, I just made the ELB some brinner (waffles and bacon) and now we are going to indulge in another guilty pleasure ...CABLE television.

Tomorrow, we don't have locked in plans, but we do have things that we want to do while here including day trips to Charleston and Columbia, a trip to the outlets, and alot more walks on the beach!

Have a happy weekend!

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  1. Beautiful pictures!

    Have you been to Charleston before? I haven't and desperately want to go!