Thursday, September 13, 2012

Why am I doing this?

I have recently started the Bariatric surgery process.  In order to get from point A (me fat) to B (me not so fat), it's required that I complete six months of nutritional and surgical education classes.  Essentially, this involves a 60 minute class once a week for 26 weeks. I also have to meet once with a psychiatrist, two times with a nutritionist, and with an exercise physiologist.

In this class, there are a variety of characters, personalities, and lifestyles represented.  There are (relatively) young working professionals like myself, an assortment of senior citizens (because apparently, at the age of 70, it's never too late to start living your life--especially if Medicare will pay for it!), and alot of white trashy on people that I refer to as 'dundalkians'. I don't know if white trashy is an acceptable moniker, but it will do.

In my specific group session, I have two 'dundalkians'.  Henceforth, most of the things that I post here will be about them.  For your convenience, I have named them Amber (because she looks like Amber from Teen Mom), and Dundalk (because I couldn't come up with anything better). They. Are. Stupid. 

I will be posting conversations that occur between the dunalkians and the class leaders that I find funny.  I might also post about other things, like the class itself, and things that I learn...but really, this is supossed to be a fun way for me to tell people about the stupid things that happen.  Since noone knows that I'm doing this procedure, I can't go to work and share my observations about the dundalkians and get I will leave that up to you.   

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