Thursday, June 4, 2015

To Fitbit or not to Fitbit... That is the question

I've had mixed feelings about fitbits. I want one.. I don't want one. I want one but only if it's the Charge. I don't care is it's a Charge. Will I use it? Our will it be another piece of failed technology?

Walmart has the Fitbit Flex in pink on sale for $79. I think I'm going to get it. I want to think it's going to motivate me to walk more and be active. Ive gained 26kbs in 6 weeks since my unfill. And no gym, either.

I feel fat and bloated and gross. My clothes don't feel right. I'm tired and grouchy. Yes, Aunt Flow is coming next week. And yes, I am working my way up to doing the 22day revolution plant based diet. And I'm hoping to get back to the gym soon...but I am going think that a piece of pink plastic is going to motivate me to do better. It's how my brain works.

In preparation for the 22 day challenge, I've been getting somewhat organized. I've been buying food storage containers, I'm making the shopping list and picking up things as I find them, and I'm shopping around. I found some of the staples at Big Lots, surprisingly. They carry Bobs Red Mill products like GF flour, rolled oats, milled flax seed, quonoa, and millett at less than Whole Foods prices. I also picked up the powdered seasoning like curry, turmeric, parsley leaves, and garlic for $1 each.

There are some things that will require a visit to Trader Joes and Whole Foods....but not before I check Walmart first...and Aldi, too, for canned things. 

I'm preparing to do this mentally, so that I'm ready to do this physically.

I'll let you know when I'm ready to start.

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  1. I had a fitbit flex... I was in awe of it for about 2 months, and then the excitement wore off. I am also a little bit of a fashionista and didn't like how it looked when I wanted to get dressed up so I think that's how the routine of not wearing it began.

    I sold my fitbit flex to a blogger friend and she loves it. I think I sold it to her in February and she's still going strong with it.

    If I were to get another one, I'd want to get one that tracks my heartrate (in addition to steps taken and calories burned), which the flex does not.