Saturday, November 1, 2014

Eat eat eat

You know how the cookie monster dumps cookies in his mouth? Yeah, that's been me.

Except I'm not eating cookies. It's been chocolate. Hershey's Special Dark chocolate, to be specific. And gingerbread bagels with peanut butter. And halloween candy. It's also been aunt flow visiting, which hasn't helped.

I forgot to weigh on Friday morning, so I weighed Friday before I left work and I was up 2lbs from the date of unfill.

I start my work weight-loss challenge on Monday. That should help keep me on track, since we are doing it through the holidays. There are only four of us doing it... We didn't invite anyone else... But still, having to weigh in front of other people should motivate me. Along with the fact that I want to fit into this new pair of jeans in time for my office holiday party on December 5.

On November 10, my gym starts a workout challenge. I signed up for that also. $15 to compete, and you get a T-shirt, and entered to win $200 just for working out 3x a week until December 21. I already plan to go 3x a week, so why not try to win some money? That would be awesome, BC I need to get tires on my car soon.  And maybe brakes. Either way, I could use the cash.


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