Wednesday, February 11, 2015


We all have that one thing we lust over. A person. A new pair of shoes. That perfect bag. A food.

I have a mistress... And her name is butter. Sweet cream salted butter. And I'm addicted.

Is it's edible, I want to put butter on it. Its reckless, and crazy, and forbidden. Butter is terrible for you (but tastes so good).

Then I heard about something that was on DR. OZ (I didn't watch the show b/c I work), but apparently it's OK to put BUTTER in your coffee. Come again?!?!?

First of all.... EWWWW. Why would you do that? Second, maybe butter isn't so bad for you after all?

I'm confused. So I'll eat butter... in moderation, of course. And go on with life, right?


  1. I love butter. Not as much as my uncle though, who will dip a stick of butter into a bowl of sugar and just take a giant bite.

  2. As with so many things, I think, it is good in moderation. My problem is when I have something I CAN'T get myself to eat in moderation. Like Nutella. It is totally fine for my friend that has 2T every week or so on some toast. Not so much for me because it ends up being the whole jar with a spoon. :) But I think you are absolutely right! Eat it in moderation and go on with life!