Sunday, February 1, 2015

The struggle is real

I'm suffering from "white girl problems".

I have a job that I love... But a nut-ball crazy boss that makes its difficult for me to love my job.

I'm tired of city life, and I really want to move out of the city and buy a house, but I can't afford to buy in any decent areas... Ironically, I make " too much" to qualify for any of the first-time home buyers assistance programs.

I want to move to South Carolina, which is why I've put the home buying on hold... But trying to job search from another state is difficult.

I have a LapBand to help me lose weight... But I love to eat the kinds of food that I shouldn't.

I go to a gym that I love... But tendonitis that continues to persist in my elbow limits my workouts to zumba only, which means I'm missing out on weight training and yoga.

I just stepped off a curb weird and tweaked my ankle... And now I'm afraid it will keep me from the gym.

See, its just a big old pity party for Luka Beth up in here today.

I just need to focus on my job and making good food choices and exercise... The things I CAN control.

And the rest I need to have faith and give to God to work on for me. I'm a big believer of "if it's meant to be, it will be". I just have to have faith that whatever happens is what is destined for me at this time in my life at this time... But I'm really keeping my fingers crossed for South Carolina!

So if anyone knows anyone in Columbia/Charleston/Conway, SC looking for a kick-ass HR professional with a BS, MBA, and PHR cert with over 12 years experience in both health care and manufacturing, let me know. ;-).

What? There's nothing wrong with helping God out just a little, right?


  1. I'm going to start emailing you SC job postings! lol

  2. Yep! What should happen, will happen and all we can do is control what we have control over. "This too shall pass" - my fave quote.