Saturday, March 21, 2015

MFP... Why did I wait so long?

In order to get back on track and break past the weightgain plateau I hit, I decided to go back to basic basics.

When I first started this journey, I was required to complete six months of education and nutrition classes. As part of the process, a nutritionist put everyone on a meal plan with daily calories to help with presurgical weightloss. My calorie total to stay under in October 2012 was 2000, and before surgery, I lost 40lbs from walking and following this plan.

Monday, I decided to start tracking my calories again. I exercise a lot, but I've been gaining weight. When I went to get out my trusty pen and pad, I couldn't find one.  Enter My Fitness Pal.

MFP told me that to lose 1lb per week, that I needed to eat less than 2460 calories. I thought I would die, because that surely couldn't be right. That number is way too high.

I lowered my number to 2000 to start, and I've done pretty good this week. I love that it tracks my exercise, also. I went over a little a few days, but not by much and not every day. I indulged last night in two slices of pizza, which ate up almost 800 calories of my day, but I accounted for it. If I bite it, I write, enter it into the app, that is. It's been a struggle this week with my Aunt Flow visiting, so next week should be easier.

My favorite part that keeps me motivated the most is at the end of the day when you finish everything, it tells you, "If every day was like today, you will weigh _____ in five weeks".

I weighed myself last Monday morning to see where I was starting. You can see the starting weight listed on my ticker... 354. I am disappointed in myself for back sliding the way I have, but I'm going to work hard to be better. I plan to weigh every Monday for accountability.

My goal I'd like to meet is to lose 20 lbs by September. It will be difficult because once baseball season starts, my gym visits will be less frequent due to living in the city and the lack of parking. I just need to motivate myself to do more walking and elliptical.

So I'm starting over. It isn't the first time. I'm sure it won't be the last. The only thing that matters is that I keep trying.

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  1. When I first got my lapband, I became OBSESSED with MFP. I wouldn't eat something if I couldn't find the stats for it.. it became nuts; however, it helped me visualize my day so I loved it. I was just converted to VSG last week and I'm back on. It's really a great tool. Good for you for getting back on track :)