Monday, March 30, 2015

Two steps forward....and one step back

Seriously, sometimes I don't understand my body.

I weighed this morning, and I was not happy with the number. Then I remembered that I am wearing way heavier clothes today than I was last week.... But I'm sure that there is still probably a gain in there. Not thinking about today being scale day, I wore corduroy pants with a sweater. Last week I wore lighter dress pants and a summer weight top. But I'm staying accountable, and I updated the ticker.

I've been slacking on my water drinking this past weekend, which might also have influenced the scale. Lesson learned.

Oh, I was also a bad bander and ate out 4x this weekend... But I accounted for all of it with MFP.

Friday--3/4 of a bacon cheeseburger from 5 Guys
Saturday--chips and salsa and enchilada soup from Chilis for lunch. Dinner was vegan white bean soup and some cheesy pretzel bread.
Sunday--grande Caramel Macchiato with soy from starbucks followed by broccoli cheese soup and baguette from Panera (and there may have also been a chocolate croissant and a toffee nut cookie consumed, also).

At least I said no to the cheesesteak dinner and instead had stir fry with brown rice pasta.

Baby steps, I know, but I could have totally just said screw it, I'm going to have a cheesesteak for dinner b/c I had blown the day.... But I didn't. And by making a healthier dinner choice, I only went over calories by 30.... Instead of 800. That is something I'm very proud of.

So happy Monday. Get back on that horse that you fell off of this weekend, tighten the reins, and start heading toward your goal. I'm going to be riding right along with you.

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  1. Getting on the scale after poor choices is really hard, but necessary. I set timers on my phone to help remember my water. Onward!