Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tight for no reason

I read LapBandGals blog about breaking her band. I had to laugh because I think that almost EVERY.SINGLE.DAY.

When I was taking the class leading up to getting Donny installed, another girl who was planning to get a band asked all kinds of ridiculous questions like: can you knock it lose with extreme physical activity? She was making a very thinly veiled reference to sex in order to see if she could embarass the older ladies who teach the classes. But we were assured that this could not happen.

Sometimes I wonder, though, especially after a high intensity Zumba workout with alot of jumping, if perhaps this can mess up your band? I know it's hard to eat sometimes after a workout... Even just drinking water is hard. But the next day is usually fine. Usually.

Anyways, today I'm struggling. I struggled yesterday. Not sure why I'm having massive restriction this week unless it's a combo of weather, allergies, and pending aunt flow. I PB'd everything all day long yesterday until dinner when I was able to eat and keep down food. This morning, even my 1/2 cup of coffee is having trouble. W.T.F.

I have an appt with my surgeon for my annual checkup on April 22, so fingers crossed this isn't anything serious.


  1. Fingers crossed. I know that a tight band after intense physical activity was normal for me. When I began running, for the whole time I had the band, I couldn't eat or hardly drink water for 6-8 hours after a run. Sex was never a problem lol.

  2. I always get a tight band right before the month flow! I'm not sure why but I eat heaps less and can't get things that I eat all month normally down at all.