Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Another chapter

This past weekend, there the ELB and I did something crazy! We broke out of our routine and did something that we hope will be a positive for us. We moved to St. Louis!

In all fairness, we have not been happy in Baltimore for a long time, but we were stuck. It's so expensive to live there, that even though we hated where we lived and the house we lived in, financially it was what we could afford.

We had started looking for jobs out of state about two years ago, and even though we had some interviews, nothing was panning out.

And then, out of the blue, the ELB was offered a job that is giving us relocation expenses. It was a blessing and came right when we needed it most.

So now, we are in St. Louis. Although we do need to go back to Baltimore to close out our house and get the rest of our stuff, we are finally here!

So as the ELB goes back into a  9-5 office job, I'm (temporarily) unemployed and my job is to get the house together and make it a home. But don't worry! I've had two phone interviews this week (with another tentative) and I have two in person interviews next week.

This move has tested (and strengthened) my faith recently. It has tested (and strengthened) my relationship with the ELB. It has not been an easy move by any means. But now that we are here and knowing that we only have one more trip to Baltimore to finish things out, I know that life is in the process of getting better. We are ready to embrace this new life, and we hope that St. Louis will be our forever home.

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