Wednesday, May 17, 2017


I went to see my new Lapband doctor yesterday for follow up and a fill.

No fill. He couldn't find my port, so now I need to have my next fill under flouroscopy. And pretty much every fill under flouroscopy. So I'm waiting for that to be scheduled, but I'm debating the need for a fill. I'm at 4.5 in a 10 band. I am feeling some restriction, and I'm almost afraid to mess with things to much. My band is temperamental and sometimes something as small as .25 will cause me to go from  too open to closed.

I have an appt with the nutritionist on June 12. Maybe getting a better eating path will be as effective as a fill right now.

Essentially, he feels that if I can stick with a reduced calorie diet and exercise that I can lose weight. Well, ya, I know that. I'm just trying to get motivated to start exercising. Apparently, there is no such thing as spring in Missouri. It went from winter to 90's. So of course I don't want to do stuff outside.

So I'm looking for my motivation. I think I left that in Baltimore last year... Probably in the storage unit. Maybe I'll find out this summer.

I watch the My 600lb life to try and help motivate me. I don't think it helps. And I think my Fitbit is getting ready to die and I'm trying to decide is it's worth investing in a new Charge 2 as a replacement. Any guidance on the Fitbit is appreciated!

But I did lose 4lbs. I guess that's a start!

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