Sunday, May 4, 2014

One question

Is a fitbit flex worth the cost? Does it work?


  1. I have had my fitbit since about Feb and, for me, yes it is worth the money. It gives me feed back for how far I've walked. It helps me to see the dots, ie- only got 3 dots, let's keep walking. It encourages me to do an extra lap around the block or even to get off the couch and do something. It also links seemlessly with my fitness pal. The silent alarm is pretty awesome. I don't like the sleep tracker though. Like any pedometer, it does lie and is not 100% accurate. I don't need it to be accurate I need the dots to tell me to move more.

  2. I have had three different Fitbits. Each one an upgrade from the last. I have loved them all for the inspiration and motivation it gives me to get up and move. I am not naturally competitive but I compete with myself to do better than the day before.