Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Zumba x 2

I did zumba again tonight. I walked in and all the girls from last week were like "you're back!". They are so nice there.

The class was taught by a guy that they like to call "crazylegs" and for very good reason. But I had fun and sweated my ass off.

I came home and had a chocolate Unjury shake and some ham swiss roll ups for dinner. Tomorrow I'm going to go do weights... Or kick boxing. Either way I'm going tomorrow. Thursday I'll have to rely on the elliptical.

I've been reading all of your comments on my posts and all of your posts on your journey. Thanks for keeping me motivated!

Hopefully early to bed tonight.


  1. I've been MIA and when I came back, I just need to tell you how PROUD of you I am! I'm so glad you put some new perspective in mind, and are continuing going!

    Keep it up girl, you're awesome!

  2. YAY!!! I am so happy about this! I laughed out loud at "crazy legs". I know exactly what you mean. It must be some sort of Zumba instructor requirement. :)