Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Starting a new job. Learning new coworkers and job duties and schedules. It's exhausting!

I'm eating more... Much more. I feel like I'm eating all day. Even though it's healthy stuff like yogurt and almonds, I'm thrown off routine. And I don't like it. I have been good about packing my lunch though, which has saved money and calories.

I'm going to join the gym tomorrow. It's now or never. And I'm going to make the time now. And I decided to return to basics and keep a food journal again. I've been relying on my restriction to limit my food instead of me being proactive and tracking calories and protein.

Not being able to blog daily has also keep me from sticking to routine. I hope that even though it's difficult that I can post more consistently... Even though I have to do it from my phone.

I'm really nervous about joining the gym... It's been so long that I'm afraid that I will fail... Or look massively stupid. Either way, I'm going forward.

I'm also going to weigh myself every Friday morning at the office to keep myself on track.

Fingers crossed that these new changes will help me start moving down again.


  1. I love this plan! You've got this girl!

  2. I have the same situation at work. Even in my down time, we aren't allowed to be on any form of social media and it sucks. I feel like I have to cram it all in on the weekends.

    I love this plan too. And yes...just go on and pull the trigger on the gym. Getting started is truly the hardest part.