Thursday, July 31, 2014

Facts of life

I love my new job. It's been 3 months and I'm waiting for my review... Where I hope that I'm told I'm awesome and that they love me and want me to work there forever. Fingers crossed.

It has not been without challenges. I have to fire people... A lot of people. And on the flip side, I have to hire the replacements. So far, that has been the crux of my job.

I can't have work friends because I never know when I might have to fire them. Makes for a bit of a lonely existence. No lunches out with coworkers.

But I'm finally doing what I love... What I've been struggling to do professionally since I graduated from college. And that makes me happy.

I'm struggling with my weight lately. I don't walk in the morning or at lunch any more... My new office isn't really conducive to that. So I rely on the gym. And until the orioles finish their season, my exercise is at the mercy of professional baseball. September 21 cannot come soon enough.

It's also August. I hate August. Next week I have to go home for my mom's birthday. I have to see my dad and my brother and their respective wives. I have to play nice, when inside I want to scream and cry and hit things because I miss my mom and it doesn't seem that anyone else does. And I have to face my own birthday. Another year older. And did I mention that Aunt Flow will be here in time to make this trip with me next week? Sigh.

So I'm probably not in the best place emotionally right now. But I know that I have friends who understand and don't judge me that August makes me crazy. And I love you for that. Just bear with me until I get past this... Until I get back on level footing... Until I can get back in the weightloss game.

I'm still me... Just a crazy manic emotional messed up me.

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