Monday, October 13, 2014

A breakthrough...

Today, I had a breakthrough. I was able to eat... And not a single issue. I had a bagel with homemade protein chicken salad, cheddar cheese, a turkey and swiss grilled sandwich, two cream cheese pastries, and some oatmeal cookies. I probably gained 5lbs, but I feel so good.

I'm still going to request a small unfill next week. I'm hoping that less restriction might help me lose weight, since I should be able to drink more water and eat more solid protein. I've been at the same level since November of last year... The ELB says that he thinks I've been too tight for a while... And I'm starting to agree. I'll try it for a few months, and if I don't see a positive result, I'll get it put back. I hope that I'm doing the right thing.

Two days of zumba and a day of weight training on the schedule this week... Then Friday night, hitting a martini bar with my girls!

Happy Monday.

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  1. I think changing things up can always be positive to see how it goes. I never lost weight when I was too tight.