Thursday, October 9, 2014

Houston, i might have a problem!!

So last week, aunt flow came to visit and brought along her best friend, SUPER RESTRICTION. They are a formidable team. One drains you physically, as your blood is drained from your body... And the other makes it impossible to replenish.

Following aunt flow, a barometric weather event rolled into town. This caused even more restriction.

As of today, I would say that it's been about 10 days since the last time I ate solid food and it actually went through the band without me regurgitating it all back out.

I talked to my surgeons office today, and they are concerned... But they have not put my PA on file with the insurance company yet... So I can't go in without a $300 bill.

So right now, I placed myself on a liquid/mushy diet until Monday. Fingers crossed that this is just swelling and it will receed. If by Monday, I am still unable to eat solid, I will go to my surgeon for an unfill.

I was worried that I might have a slipped band, but was told by the nurse that if it was slipped I would know because I would have pain and reflux. And I have food reflux but not acid so that's why I'm not going yet.

Keep your fingers crossed that this will resolve itself and I don't have an issue.

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  1. I don't miss this. I hope you're feeling better! Let us know how you're doing!