Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Donny giveth, and Donny taketh away

So for one good day, I was a piggy. I was able to EAT for the first time in almost two weeks... And I may have went a little crazy.... But it is either feast or famine with my LapBand lately. So when I CAN eat, I try to stock pile as many calories as I can, knowing that the next day, I might be back to starving.

Yesterday, I felt Donny closing the gates... And this morning... BAM! The door was closed.

So back to protein shakes and mashed potatoes until this weather passes again. At least I can bulk up potatoes by making them with broth and soymilk, and adding cheese and Greek yogurt and sometimes shredded protein to give it more nutrition.

Go next Wednesday for my evaluation and potential unfill. I can survive until then.

I've already planned girls night dinner from the online menu for Friday... I'm ordering the hummus/tappenade plate. And booze. Balanced, right?

Happy hump day.

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