Thursday, June 12, 2014

Pumpkins questions ... Finally!!

So let's try this again!

1. If I was on a deserted island, what three favorite foods would I have to have? Before LB, it would have been Carbs Carbs Carbs. Now, it changes on the regs since my tastes change almost daily... But right now, these are my go-to things.

∆Trader Joes seasoned turkey meatballs. They are fully cooked and frozen. I toss 2 in a bag most mornings and have as a mid-day snack once they have thawed. Only 100 calories for two!
∆Trader Joes honey sesame almonds. OMG they are delicious. I portion out a serving a day and snack on at work. For some reason, even on my worst restriction days, I can still eat these.
∆Unjury protien powder. I've been rocking the Unjury since pre-op, and a year and a half later, it's still my go to protien. I have some every day in my iced coffee.

2. If I could meet three people living or dead, who would I choose?

∆My LB peeps! I'm going to roll Pumpkin, Hollee, and CFlick into one as they are all so inspiring and awesome.
∆My maternal grandmother. I'm named after her, but she died before I was born. I grew up with my moms memories, and I hope that I can keep my own mom alive in the memories of my future children. But she sounded like such a fun and crazy person.
∆Weird Al. I have always loved the genre of comedic parody, and he cracks me up. I've been lucky enough to see him live in concert twice. If I met him, I would ask to have him sing me a classic.

3. What would my stripper name be, using the first pet/childhood street formula? Where I grew up, there were no freaking streets. I grew up on a road with a number. So my stripper name would be Sprout Route 2. Maybe I should be a rapper instead.

4. The favorite and least favorite body parts after weight loss.
∆Favorite--face and neck. I'm still on collar bone watch 2014... But I also never realized what I looked like without all the filler in my face.
∆Least favorite--I should say my batwings or my huge apron tummy.... But I'm going to say my face. I've had huge flappy arms and apron tummy and other fat girl issues before I lost weight. But now, I think i look old because all my fattox (like botox) is gone.

5. Do you believe in ghosts/evil spirits? Yes,I do believe that evil exists. I also believe that the spirits of the ones we love can communicate with us and that they protect us from the evil. I grew up in an old house where it was normal to have unexplained footsteps and odd noises, and things to end up somewhere else. But the ones in house i grew up in were family spirits so it was ok.

6. Natural hair color? I'm a light mousy brunette, masquerading as a much funner blonde. My mom urged me to go blonde in college, and it works for me.

7. Bikinis or granny? I like granny panties. They stay where they should so I'm not digging out wedgies, and they provide more protection from the dreaded chaffing.

8. One movie for the rest of your life? That one is tough, and I should probably pick something to make me sound all smart and sophisticated... But honestly, Legally Blonde is my favorite movie. Kick ass soundtrack, too!

9. Guilty pleasure? Other than ice cream with kahlua, it would have to be snuggling up on the ELB. He always smells amazing, and my head fits right into his shoulder just perfectly. *sigh*

10. Pounds I've bid adieu to? Officially by the surgeons scale it's whatever my ticker says. However, I think it's closer to 90

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  1. Great Answers girl. And Id love to meet you too :)