Friday, June 27, 2014

What we have here is...

... Is a good old fashioned PLATEAU.
That's right... I'm stalled. My weight is bouncing between the same 4 lbs. For 4 weigh-ins. I'm either at 241 or at 337. Only those numbers. Up one week, down the next. Frustrating.

That means that I need to change something I'm doing. More exercise. Less cookies. I don't know... It might not be the cookies.... But some changes need to be made to burst through this wall.... Just like the Kool-Aid man.

On another note, my bosses daughter wants to get weight loss surgery because she's tired of being fat. She thinks it will be a quick fix, I'm sure. She is angry that there is a waiting period of six months because she wants it NOW.

However, based in what my boss says, she doesn't exercise, and she eats fast food everyday. The doctor apparently recommended the LapBand but she wants RNY.... More drastic, faster results, less work required.

I am an expert on weight loss surgeries compared to most because of the classes I was required to take. I eant so badly to contribute my two cents.... But I can't.... I won't... Because my band is private. None know that I have it...And that's just how I like it.

But it makes me angry that this girl is lazy. She won't make any effort on get own to fix her life and she just wants a quick fix. If she won't put in the time now, how can she succeed later?

Sorry. I know I'm being sanctimonious... But weight loss is not easy... Even with surgery. It is a lifestyle. It requires exercise and diet and self denial of alot of things.

Sigh. On that note, have a great weekend.

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