Monday, April 29, 2013

Good morning...restriction

Dear Cream of Wheat,

I know it's 9am, and we have a standing date at this time, every Monday through Friday. You are my mid-morning snack, and I love that you are always there for me. 

Ever since I started my pre-op diet, you have been my friend. We have something special, Cream of Wheat. I forgot how much I loved you, until you came back into my life.  My mom loved you, too, and she ate you every single morning.  At first I was afraid, thinking that you would bring back too many memories for me, but we've been good.  You've been warm and filling, and a real boost to helping me keep my calories on track during the work week.

But today, I'm not feeling you. It's not you, it's me.  See, it's raining out--and will be raining for some time according to the weather guy, and as I'm learning--when it rains, I get restriction. So when I drank my protien shake this morning with the promise of Cream of Wheat on the horizon--well, I did have every intention of eating you.

I see you looking at me from your styrofoam cup, all warm and ready to go down. And I feel bad that I brought you on deck, only to send you back to the dugout.

Please forgive me, Cream of Wheat. I will always love you...just not today.




  1. I love, love Cream of Wheat!! Yum!! Thats interesting that you feel more restriction on rainy days. Cute post!

  2. Did you ever have your first fill? Hope you were able to eat later.

    1. First fill is May 15. My friends had hers last well and is doing awesome so I'm exited that her success with the surgeon with her fill will mean success for me also.