Wednesday, April 17, 2013

I had a new band experience today

So most mornings I try to have a protein shake before heading out the door to work because I dont want to take the chance of having an episode. You know-pb or sliming or getting stuck. I have been pretty lucky and have just had one little episode where I felt little stuck  about a week ago or so.

This morning I was going to be at aday long conference so I thought I should eat something more substantial than a shake since I would be facing a continental breakfast first thing-with no opportunity for my mid morning cream of wheat.

I needed protein to help me face I ate some of the canned chicken that was in the fridge.  And it got stuck. So I tried to sip some powerade zero to help it down...and it got I kind of burped some of it out...repeatedly. Kind of gross but not unbearable...not as bad as I thought it would be, actually.  Not that Iwant to do it again. I'm going to be sticking with my shakes in the morning from now on...regardless of what is on my agenda for the day.

In other NSV news, I fit in the seats at the conference better today than I did two years ago. Not super comfortable but I survived. AND I had a sensible lunch and avoided the afternoon dessert table. I looked a brownie table in the face and laughed. Ok it was more like I avoided the table like the plague, but I beat the brownie! And that is all that matters.


  1. Stuck is the worst! I totally understand that feeling. It's a hard lesson to learn. I learned the hard way about the chew chew chew. It takes practice! You will get there! I do protein shakes in the morning too because my band feels tight. I can usually go about 3 hours before I get hungry. So excited for your NSV! That's an awesome feeling and it is only going to get better! Keep up the good work!

  2. LOL at the brownie war! I only beat food lately by avoidance! :-) Hurray for beating it! :-D

    I have no experience with the other part...but I've read the same...that you would THINK drinking would help, yet it doesn't. :-( Glad you got relief before too long.

    And glad the chairs are getting better, not fitting things is a really awful feeling.

  3. Drinking is one of the worst things you can do when stuck. The other thing is to keep eating. (And believe me, I know about being stuck lately...)

    Yay for fitting comfortably in chairs! Love that NSV!