Friday, April 19, 2013

It's true what they say...

I am finding out that the weather actually DOES impact my restriction!

My first 'stuck' episode occured on the morning of my first post-op visit.  That was a day that the temps were going to hit the mid-80's, with a pretty high humidity on top of it.

This past Tuesday, I had the issue with being stuck and actually having a PB.  The weather that day? Warm and HUMID with impending rain.

As I type this, I realize that as I'm drinking some iced tea (don't shoot me--I needed it because of Aunt Flow combined with bariatric pressure headache), and it's going down S.L.O.W.L.Y. My protien shake also went down pretty slow this morning, but I chalked it up to the 'tighter in the morning' syndrom.

The weather today? Right now, it's been raining off and on, and highs are slated to hit the mid-70's before we get torrential thunderstorms this afternoon and temps dip back into the 50's tonight. And, according to my hair, its EXTREMELY humid today--which makes it feel alot warmer than it is.

I should have guessed by merit of suffering from Barometric pressure headaches that the same barometric pressure would impact my band. I just didn't actually EXPECT it to be happening so soon--with so little restriction in my band.

I'm deffinitely working hard to make the right changes and choices so that I avoid the stuck/PB issues that I've experienced. Now that I know what causes them, I know how to avoid them. I'll just be more diligent when the weather looks like it will be anything other than ideal!


  1. Sorry you are having a tough day. I typically get migraines with bariatric pressure, too. Luckily where I live now there are not too many cloudy days. It just dawned on me that last week when we had that freak thunder/lightening storm, I did NOT get a headache - even being on liquid diet (or because of?) Maybe dropping weight WILL help headaches - that would be awesome. It is all a lot to think about, huh! (Why would anyone shoot you for iced tea btw?? Caffeine? I'm allowed a little caffeine as long as I get all my other fluids in. I thought I would be back on my daily mug of coffee asap, but amazingly it hasn't called my name yet. I'm sure it will soon. It is just as easy right now to do the decaf - but if I had a migraine, I'm sure I'd be all over the caffeine!)

  2. My surgeon was adamant about not drinking any caffiene post surgery--no soda, no coffee, no tea, etc. However, I was caffiene free for about two months pre surgery and for the month post surgery--but i started adding a glass of tea back in every other day. The rest of the time i drink tons of water--so i don't think that i'm going to do myself any harm! :) But it IS a dehydrater, which is why we are not supossed to have it.

  3. Do you have anything in your band? I'm surprised that you're noticing stuff like this...I feel like I don't even have a band :)

    Glad you made that connection though! I'll definitely keep it in mind

  4. I have caffiene probably once a day. Nothing carbonated tho. I was told no caffiene until I get all my water in tho. I try to drink Decaf, but I love iced green tea w/ splenda from Starbucks! So good! And I LOVE Chai!

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