Saturday, April 27, 2013

Trying to stay busy

I am the QUEEN of boredom eating. I find even with my band that I struggle when I have free time alone. 

Unfortunately, the nature of the ELBs job means that he is usually working every weekend.

This presents a problem for me, because when left to my own devices, I will eat....alot. I know that I can't do it, but I end up doing it anyways. It has to be a combination of boredom and head hunger.

Once I found myself eating a Klondike bar, I decided that it was time to stay busy. So I pulled out my beading stuff, and made a wrap bracelet. My forte is earrings, but I make alot of necklaces and ID holders, too. And no two things I make are the same, so it is a great creative outlet.

This is todays project. And there are still hours to kill before the ELB comes home. So I'll probably make some more stuff.

Hope everyone is having an awesome Saturday!


  1. Love the colors on that bracelet!!!

  2. Very cool bracelet! Nice that you recognized that you needed to stay busy! Keep up the good work!