Sunday, September 21, 2014

crockpot love

I made the ELB a pork loin roast in
the crockpot yesterday. I cooked it for 8 hours on low, but it probably would have been done in 6. But success although just a little dry ...its a learning process. Now I know for next time. I bought a huge porkloin at Sams Club this there are two more in the freezer for future meals.

BTW this living on a budget is HARD, especially when your new employer doesn't offer flex spending. I paid out of pocket the past few weeks: $30 podiatrist to fix ingrown nail, $20 PCP, $30 for LapBand surgeon followup, $30 for podiatrist $80 to refill my allergy meds. I am BROKE. Thank God I drive a Prius, because I should be able to make it to Tuesday to get gas. Yes, I am VERY blessed to have a wonderful medical plan...I just didnt plan for the out of pockets. Luckily, I only have two more appointments to plan (gyno and opthamologist) for the next six months. I'm going to lobby my employer to offer health FSA in the future.

I spent most of the afternoon yesterday hanging out with a friend at the hospital. Her son is having some medical issues, and the hospital is walking distance from my house. It was nice to see her...I just wish it had been under better circumstances.

Today was lazy Sunday. We ate leftovers, chilled on the couch (we are both sick with head colds), and prepared for the week ahead. I have 4 gym days planned, and a busy week at work.

My band has been acting weird. I have been able to eat ALOT lately....and im a little concerned.  no pain, and I still have restriction. Not sure if it's weather or hormones or what. I'll monitor the situation and see what happens.

Happy New Week!

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