Wednesday, September 3, 2014

The week that... Wasn't?

Last week, my ADD (spastic high-strung boss) started preparing to go to a work conference in Texas. All week, she worked on to-do lists for everyone to work on this week while she would be gone.

I came in this morning, expecting a huge stuffed full of tasks bin. The bin was empty. With dread, I opened my door, expecting a stack of color coded folders... And nothing. Finally, I logged into my email anticipating... Something.... Anything.

And nothing except for one email.

One email that was actually a request to send an email to someone else for a task for them to complete.

Today was hell. I was so flipping bored. And next week, when my boss gets back... It's going to be CRAZY. Sigh.

That's the way the cookie crumbles... Straight into my mouth because even with this LapBand I'm still a boredom snack attempter.

Oh and my toe still hurts.  And I'm hormonal and bitchy and tired. And yesterday it was so hot! And I'm just being a big baby.

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