Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Random things

First of all a shout out to Hollee as she goes under the knife for her LapBand to sleeve revision tomorrow.

Hollee, you have been an inspiration to so many people with your LapBand journey, and sharing your life with us. Don't forget that just because you aren't going to be a "bander" anymore, we will always be friends. You're going to be in my thoughts tomorrow. And your going to be awesome.

On to other things, my surgeon ordered a nutritional panel last week. I go Monday to have the blood draw done. I have always been borderline anemic, and I know I probably don't eat enough foods high in iron. But we will see.

The past few days I've been wanting salad. Don't know why... But I do. So why not eat it while I want it.

I bought a new crockpot (finally). The finally was for the benefit of the ELB who has been listening to me wax and wane about crockpots, slowcookers, size, features, etc.for about 3 years now...but failing to commit to any of them.

Two weeks ago, we went to look for a FireWire at a local store and I saw it.. THE Crock pot. 4qt, black, programmable, no stupid locking lid with rubber. But I couldn't find it on the shelf, so I went home without it--although I was ready to drop my $40on it then and there.

Then in the Sunday sale flyers, there it was. ON SALE for $19.94 at Walmart. So yesterday, the ELB went to two different Walmart stores to find my crockpot...and he came home successful. I am dying to cook something in it. You know when someone loves you enough to brave Walmart, they deserve to have the first meal coked in it made just for them. So I'm figuring out what to make for my sexy man.

Yes, love is a crock pot. And home cooked meals for years and years in the future.

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Thank you so much for your love and support! This is an amazing community of (mostly) women that means the world to me!!!