Monday, September 22, 2014

Weekly goals

I set a goal to go to the gym 4x this week. Day one DONE. I made myself go even though it was the last place I wanted to go tonight.

By 7:22am, I was ready for my day to be OVER.. That's how bad it started. And it went like that ALL day. Just pure crazy. But I survived... And I survived the gym tonight.

I was on with food... Meaning that I didn't eat a lot of it. And I'm working on my water right now.

So even though my day started bad, I didn't let it ruin my goals. I DIDN'T go to Hardee's and drown my frustration with a bacon/egg/cheese biscuit and a coke. I didn't go to McDonald's and stuff a double cheeseburger down at lunch. And dinner was crockpot chicken.

I made good choices... And tomorrow is another day.

Bring it on, world... Bring it on. In ready for you.

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