Tuesday, December 24, 2013

B'ah, humbug!

The ELB and I have chosen to be Jewish for the holidays this year.

It's amazing what you can get out of doing! For example, you don't have to decorate. You don't have to cook a big dinner. You aren't obligated to travel vast distances on Christmas day to spend with people you may only marginally like, even if they are related to you by blood. You don't have to buy gifts, and you can avoid malls like the plague! It's awesome. And before you get all judgy on me, know that I had a roomate after college who was Jewish, and I was included in tons of family celebrations, Passover Seders and Rosh Hashanah..and on Christmas day, we went to the movies and ate Chinese food. So yes, I DO know what I'm talking about!

We started talking about doing Jewish Christmas a while ago, and I think that, even if our original plans of Chinese food and a movie don't work out, we can still embrace the Jewish Christmas theme. But we have chosen to play it be ear, see what comes forth tomorrow, and to embrace whatever we may end up doing.

After all, the whole point of the holidays are to spend time with the ones you love...and there is noone that I love more in this whole entire world than the ELB.

Happy Holidays!

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  1. ha... I just saw this, only after sending you a message to wish you a Merry Christmas. Well, whatever day it is for you, I hope it is a blessed one with the ELB.