Wednesday, December 18, 2013

It's Hump Day

Today, there are many things going on.

1.  We are having our office party. This involves lunch out (at Don Pablos), and cookies.
2.  I have my surgeon appointment today to see if my most recent fill is good or bad. All signs (if my PCP scale is any indication) are good.  However, since my appointment is after lunch, well, lets just say that it may not be as good as I had hoped to see.
3.  After my appointment, I am meeting up with two other banders from my surgeons program and we are going to dinner.
4.  I am kind of 'backed up' in the waste removal process, and it's not through any lack of trying.  I have been taking Miralax (blech!) every day, and still no real relief. I'm afraid (and this is stupid) that I will weigh heavy b/c of this, and I won't get a true reading. Seriously, I know that when I get home tonight, I will probably poop out about 5lbs.
5.  #4 was kind of gross and probably WAY too much information. But hey, we are all sisters here. We can commensurate.
6.  I'm dragging @ss this morning. Bed at 1am, up at 5:30 does not a happy Luka make. Plus, I'm trying really hard to fight a cold off, and I know that lack of sleep is not doing me any favors.
7.  Did I mention that I was tired?
8.  Did I mention that I was cold? Yeah, I am FREEZING lately. Me, the girl that used to go all winter wearing just a scarf thrown over whatever I was wearing to work, or just pulling on a fleece jacket during a blizzard...I'm cold. The down comforter has not been taken off the bed. It's an adjustment for me, since I always tend to be hot.
9.  I got my Chickfila calendar yesterday. Bring on the freebies! Okay, well, bring them on for the ELB since he will get the majority of the items on the list, except for the soup and the salad. :)
10.  Vacation commences in TEN DAYS! What!

I know it's not Thursday, but I like to buck convention and do things on MY terms. Hope you guys are having a great day. Hopefully I will have an awesome report for you tomorrow!

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