Thursday, December 26, 2013

New Medical Breakthrough!

I have decided to chalk up my recent weight loss success to two things:  a fill I received in November that brought me to 6.5cc, and sinus issues.

I have decided to call the first one my "green zone", and the second one, "the snot diet". Let me explain.

I get the feeling that I am hungry. That I 'should' be eating, because I'll look at the clock and think, "oh, it's lunch time", or "oh, it's been six hours since I ate anything, I should eat now", and then I try to eat said item...and it doesn't work. The WANT to eat is there.  The ability to eat is not.

Today, I went to Chili's for lunch with a coworker. I ordered the chicken bacon quesadilla lunch combo, and told the waitress to bring that part boxed to go. I just wanted the soup that came with it (chicken enchilada), and some of the chips/salsa from my coworkers table order. I snacked on a few chips/salsa, and I ate about 1/2 of my soup. And I was full and wondering if I would be having a PB episode. I didn't, but I think it was close. I boxed up the rest of my soup (to have for dinner), and I'm taking the quesadilla and fries home to the ELB for dinner--along with a bag of the chips. And I'm FINE. I'm not hungry at all.

My coworker was like, "aren't you going to eat anything?" And I told her that I ate some chips and soup, and she was like, "you haven't eaten hardly anything". So I told her that I'm on the 'snot diet', and she laughed.

I have good restriction. I don't think I'm too tight, I'm not getting stuck, I can drink water and I can eat as long as I don't try to eat too early in the day, I eat slow and chew good and I avoid certain things. But this week, I am also having Aunt Flow visit, so I'm probably a little bit tighter this week than I was last week. Plus the constant drainage, I think, is filling up my little pouch and keeping me full.

So, the snot diet might not be the IDEAL way to lose weight with a LapBand--but it seems to be working for me right now. I might as well ride this puppy for as long as I can. It's jump started my weight loss after I stalled out, and I'm embracing it.

It's also a good excuse for all of those unexpected trips to the bathroom to PB up something that doesn't work. Feel free to use it.

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