Thursday, December 19, 2013

Ups and downs....

Do you SEE the ticker number?!?

Yesterday was a bunch of fits and starts. I have been fighting a cold, and I have massive drainage. I am learning that massive drainage can cause me to do things like...oh, I don't know....PB water. Seriously. I took a drink of water, and it had to come right back up. Since I hadn't actually eaten anything, there was only one explanation.

So this is how yesterday morning started. The work lunch was scheduled for 11:30. We show up, I order my standard Don Pablos order--lunch fajitas with black beans and refritos (no rice) and no tortillas. I ate two bites of a tortilla chip with salsa--and I get stuck. I don't know how--since it was chewed up really really good--but I had to run to the bathroom and PB that right back up, too. Ugh.

This is really difficult when I'm at work and have issues, because I have chosen to tell NOONE about my little helper. So, I have to have good excuses. Yesterday, I blamed on phlegm from my cold. Which, in truth, was accurate! So, I just ate my beans (I mix them together and put some salsa on top) for lunch, and took the rest to go.

Then there were the cookies. And the cookies, damn them all, went down without a problem. And I ate WAY too many of them (like 4) while we were doing our gift exchange.

Then, I had to go to my appointment.

Based on the day I was having at this point, I was very intimidated by the scale. I should also note that I did not wear my super awesome light weight weigh in pants. I was wearing regular work pants and a sweater.

And the scale was DOWN ten pounds from my last weigh in on November 13.  I had gained weight last weigh in, so I lost that PLUS another 6lbs. I went from 364 to 354.

Even with the massive amount of junk that I feel that I've been eating, I had a loss.

I am very happy, and I did not mess with my restriction. My next appointment is in February. Let's see how things go.

Now, my goal is to lose at least another 10 lbs before my next appointment! I can do that in two months.

I think I've got this!


  1. I think you might've figured this whole band thing out :) I'm really proud of you!