Tuesday, December 3, 2013

I think I'm getting this

So far, so good!

Monday back to the walking before work routine. Last week was jacked because of rain and the holiday. But yesterday was clear (though brisk), and I slammed out 4 laps in less than 15 minutes. I stuck with just coffee and then switched to water until almost 12:30 when I ate one slice of 7-11 cheese pizza (I was running errands), and three Oreo cookies. I didn't eat again until after 6 when I had leftover chicken corn chowder (need to finish it up--I hate to waste!). I enjoyed a cup of my 'potpourri' tea, as the ELB calls it, and it was a good night. No sticking episodes yesterday, no PB episodes, no painful OMG what have I done moments.

This morning, walked 6 laps in less than 20 minutes, then had my coffee. Sipping a cup of Cranberry Apple zinger tea (caffiene free), then will switch to water the rest of the day.

I think that I'm going to stick with this restriction through the rest of the year, and then reevaluate. I'm afraid that I might have gained again when I go back on the 18th--but that remains to be seen. In the beginning after my fill, I was getting stuck, and then eating too many sliders just so that I could get SOME food down. Now that I've adjusted, I'm hoping that any residual damage that I might have done with slider will resolve itself.

Obvs, if I have gained, then I will know it's because I'm too tight--and then I will have the surgeon remove some fluid--but I'm optimistic that this might be my first visit to green. Fingers crossed!

UPDATE: I'm a freaking idiot. I ran errands during my lunch break with a co-worker, and she wanted to grab lunch out. I got a 4pc grilled nugget meal from CFA with fries. I ate two fries and got stuck. Had to go PB in the bathroom. Blamed it on phlegm. Sigh. Back to babying my Band for another day or two until the swelling goes out. It's always hard for me to get out of these situations since I chose to not tell anyone about my friend being installed--so sometimes, these things are going to happen. I should have gotten soup. Chalk it up to another day of being stupid.

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  1. so glad you have figured out what works with the restriction you now have:)