Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A little pissed off

So, I went to sneak in a weigh in yesterday, and was up 1.5 lbs. WTF!

I am very angry at myself, as this is the first gain that I've recorded since I started losing steadily in November. I know it's only 1.5 lbs--and probably has alot to do with the queso dip, the Tostitos, and the half pack of heads/tails Oreos that I've eaten the past few days--but I'm still angry--AT ME for allowing myself to eat and gain like that!

I know that I didn't make my super awesome turkey chili over the weekend--and that probably contributed, also.  So, back to the turkey chili weekends we go! I know it's stupid, but it seems like when I make turkey chili, I tend to lose weight. Weird, right?

I'm back on plan today. I have my soup and sandwhich lunch, I have yogurt and string cheese and almonds for snacks--and I will be drinking water till my eyeballs float, and I  will try to find time to squeeze in my walks--another thing that has been missing from my routine.

I have my second nutritionist appointment on Friday where I get my pre-op diet instructions. 

This week has sucked so far--but I'm hoping it gets better.

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