Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Thirty love

So, apparently on Graduation night, lots of people that I haven't seen in weeks show up and get their certificate of completion.  #wtf

Everything went well. The quiz was a breeze.  My BBF won the prize for losing the most weight during the six months (a prize of the multivitamins and chewable calciums).  I talked to my friends, and then we were done.

My final step on the scale revealed another 0.5 pound loss--which means that from September 11 to February 26, I lost exactly 30lbs! I don't know how I did in comparison to everyone in my class, but I obviously didn't lose the most--but I think I lost more than others.

I know it could have been more if I had worked harder the first two months of class, but I am very happy with my progress.  I am anxious to start the pre-op diet to see how much more I can lose before surgery! One girl in my class who is doing the Unjury pre-op told me that she has already lost 9 lbs in 5 days on that plan.  I have high expectations to hopefully lose at least 10lbs in two weeks before my surgery.

I am READY (except for the GI thing which is being looked into--and actually buying my protient powders/supplements). 

Watch out world, 'cause HERE I COME!

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