Monday, February 18, 2013

Just another manic monday

Today is going to suck.

I forgot my cell phone at home.  My aunt flow is on the horizon. I already have a headache (and it's only 7:45am).

And my coworker who just lost her son in a tragic accident two weeks ago is back to work today--and the grief surrounds her and touches all of us...and with the impending one year anniversary of my mom's passing along with my elevated hormones--I'm already emotional and on edge.

I'm also anticipating a gain tomorrow night.  I haven't had the opportunity to exercise like I should because the weather has been crappy and work has been crazy. My food choices have been horrible.  I have fallen off the yogurt wagon entirely. I have been eating cookies and brownies (in moderation--but still eating them).  My soup regimen that was helping me (I think) to stay on track has been non-existent for weeks now.

And with an impending surgery date of 3/25 and a scheduled appointment with my surgeon this Friday, I'm afraid that he will think I haven't made enough progress and will postpone my surgery date until I lose X number of pounds.

So today, as hard as it is to climb up on that wagon, I am going to try to get back on track (and stay on track) until I start my two week pre-op diet on March 9 (doing 16 days instead of 14 so that I can use the weekend to adjust before taking it to work). I know that I will lose weight while doing the pre-op, but just nervous it won't be enough.

So send some prayers (or if that's not your thing, some happy thoughts will do just as well). 

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