Saturday, February 9, 2013

Only one more step to go

I had my second nutritionist appointment on Friday, where we went over the pre and post op diets, protein shakes, soft foods, supplements, and everything else that is important to know. The last requirement before I can get my surgery date is my last meeting with my surgeon on February 22--and then I can officially get on the surgery calendar! 

As the end of the pre-surgery journey draws to a close, I am excited for the next step.  

Right now, I'm waiting for my sample pack from Unjury to come so that I can sample the protein shake options available from them.  I've read that they have the better tasting shakes, but the pre-op diet for Unjury is different than the one for Bariatric Advantage. The starter kit was kind of expensive ($21 for the pack and $6.99 shipping), but it comes with 2 each of chocolate, strawberry, vanilla, chicken, and unflavored protein powders, and a shaker jar and a food thermometer.

With Unjury, you have to have four servings of the protein powder a day (two have to be shakes), but in addition, you can have things like cream of wheat and cottage cheese--and at the end of two weeks, you do a bowel cleanse the night before surgery. 

With the Bariatric Advantage pre-op diet, you can ONLY have five shakes a day for two weeks--but no bowel cleanse. I thought that my nutritionist was going to offer samples of BA shakes, but she only gave me a sample pack of the supplements.

I think that the Unjury route would be better for me, even with the unpleasantness of the cleanse, since you still get to eat something.  I am not a shake person--if I could do shakes all the time, I wouldn't be where I am-I would have actually succeeded on SlimFast the previous 47 times I attempted it (47 is an exaggeration--it was more like 5 or 6). 

I have until my surgeon appointment to decide which pre-op I will choose, since I will be purchasing my products at that time. 

The only issue that I have about everything is the chewable supplements. I hate chewable supplements.  I thought that the liquid supplements would be like in a bottle with an dropper that you could stir into foods and get that way--not a crystal drink additive. I hate drinking flavored water. Does anyone know if there's another liquid vitamin choice available that will satisfy the post-surgery requirements? If you do, please feel free to leave me a comment! 

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  1. I am loving going back and reading all your blogs - you are real and inspiring. :-)

    This is probably too late, but I have a hard time taking vitamins so my surgeon gave me a sample of this liquid vitamin - she had a sampler pack of four small bottles she gave me (multi, B's, D, and iron I think - I just tried B and multi) : It is what you are describing, in a bottle, you can add it to smoothies or just take them in the dropper like you say, but it is expensive. I decided when I saw the price, I'm going to try the Flinstone first, and if I can't tolerate that, I'll buy this. Hope you are doing well today!