Wednesday, February 20, 2013

It's the final countdown!

Last night was our second to last class (six months has FLOWN by!). Only one more week of class where it culminates in our 'graduation', as well as our 'quiz' to show that we have learned what we need to take the next steps towards our new lives.  

As much as I dreaded the weigh in, I sucked it up and went with my head held high....stepped on the scale--and had a loss of 2.5 pounds! (insert Jersey Shore style fist pump here). Seriously. I fist-pumped while on the scale.  THEN, thinking I had misread it, I stepped back on the scale to confirm.

I am officially 29.5 pounds down since September 11 when I had my first official weigh in at my very first class.  Will I meet my recommended 10% loss by next Tuesday--probably not, since that would require dropping another 11 pounds in seven days--but with a surgery date a month away and a two week pre-op diet on the horizon--I think that I can lose at least 15 more pounds by March 25.

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