Wednesday, February 13, 2013


WHAT is wrong with me?

Yesterday was pretty busy--WLS support group at 4pm, then the first of my final three classes at 6pm. 

WLS support group covered the topic of post weight loss plastic surgery. VERY informative! And it was PACKED with people!

Class also went well--the topic? Operating Room procedures.  Oh Joy! I learned things I didn't think about until now--and which are freaking me out more than the actual surgery. 

For instance, did you know that you have to have a catheter? I didn't! Only two people are allowed in that general area of my anatomy--the ELB and my Gynocologist. That's it. Now, some complete stranger will be shoving a tube in me to keep me from peeing. I have never had a catheter before--so this is my OMG moment. I know I'll be asleep before they do it, but still-it freaks me out!

I'm also not too keen on being naked from the boobs down.  Really? All my other business is going to be out there for anyone to see, why give me modesty with my boobs?!?

Okay, that's really all that's freaking me out. I got my surgery date today--March 25! #excited. Working on getting everything organized so that I can be ready to take the time off.  Also need to work on the house so that I'm not stressed about cleaning and crap while I'm at home recuperating.

Anyways, today has been rough.  I ate THREE FOUR donuts.  Not one, not two, but THREE FOUR donuts.  sigh.  that's almost 1,000 1400 unnecessary calories.  When I was weighed in class last night, I was still up .5lbs from the previous week--and then I eat donuts! All I can say is that tomorrow is another day--and this too shall pass. (addendum--I ate everything thing all day long--and i wasn't even hungry! I probably had 3,000+ calories. sigh)

I still haven't had time to try my Unjury samples (mainly because I have to go buy some soy milk)--but plan to maybe do that this weekend.

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