Tuesday, February 26, 2013

This is it!

Tonight is the end of the required six month classes.  The final class.  Do you think there will be pizza?

Just kidding.  It was a JOKE people.

I am excited for the final class to happen--but am a litle cheesed off right now.

My surgeon wants me to go for a fluoroscopy because I had a little issue with some heartburn back before I started this process, and he wanted to look-see if I have anything hiding in there--like a hernia. It's not like I had chronic every day on Nexium heartburn. It was more of the chewing a Tums maybe twice a week type of heartburn-and it's been pretty much non-existent since about October of last year.

I called today to schedule my appointment with the (name) Radiology, and went through the whole scheduling process, and then was told that because of my current weight, I was "too heavy" to have my procedure done at any (name) Radiology because the tables are only designed to hold 350lbs. 

Excuse me?  I thought this was a STANDING test--drink the glowing liquid and stand behind the magic screen.  Noone said anything about laying down.  And I even specified that this was a fluoroscopy, not an upper GI with the tube and stuff. 

So now, I have to be referred to the actual hospital for my simple test. I contacted my program coordinator (who can be a bulldog) and I'm waiting to see what she can do about getting this resolved. 

I also have a weigh in at class tonight. I hope I didn't really screw up the scale with the chocolate chocolate chip muffin I ate last night. 

Wish me luck on my 'test' tonight! Apparently, they really do keep these tests with your files and if you do badly--you might not be allowed to get your surgery!

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