Friday, March 14, 2014

I survived the week! (almost)

I want to declare this week officially DONE! Okay, I KNOW it's only 10am, but my brain is toast. I'm exhausted (who knew that losing one little measly hour would make me feel like I was 80?!?). I'm so ready for the work day to end and the weekend to start.

I'm debating the merits of purchasing a bottle of Kahlua for the weekend to make Snowflake shakes (Thank you, BTS). It's a cookies n cream shake with Kahlua. Delicious!

No other plans on the weekend except for try to make up for lost sleep! It's supossed to be mild and nice here today and tomorrow--and snow is back in the forecast for Sunday night.

Sigh. Can I please have spring?


  1. I WANT SPRING too! lol Have a great weekend

  2. I heart Kahlua. Haven't had it in forever either.

    I hear you on the weather. The northern part of my state is supposed to get more snow this weekend. Luckily not us. Have a great, restful weekend!