Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The difference a day makes...

Last night, my band felt like it was WIDE OPEN. Which is weird, given that my Aunt Flow started showing up yesterday. Usually, she locks me down like the Russians did to that town in the movie Red Dawn. (WOLVERINES!).

I ate EVERYTHING last night. Junk, crap, whatever you want to call it. I had 8 of those mini pretzel dogs. A cup of turkey chili. A baked potato (no skin). Two Nature Valley granola thins. A cup of frozen chocolate yogurt with a shot of Kahlua. And I think that's it. Oh, and a Smirnoff peach bellini. And I had NO issues eating any of it.

This morning, Aunt Flow was like, WTF, not on my watch--and now I'm slammed closed. I had to fast for bloodwork, and afterwards on the way to work I stopped for a small milkshake from Chickfila, and it's taken me over an hour to drink it.  I also got an order of chicken nuggets--of which two was too many to even consider. I'm not stuck or pb'ing--but I am a little full.

And I've also been a slacker on the exercising lately. I really need to get back into walking. When the new job comes, I'll have to figure out new walking routes--no safety of the sidewalk that loops my building--but my office will be next to the hospital--so it can't be entirely unsafe, right?

I have my one year surgeon visit next Wednesday, as well as my primary care visit. Same day, same building, one hour apart.  Fingers crossed that they both go well!

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