Thursday, March 13, 2014


I think that we all need reassurance sometimes.  Whether it's to be told that we are smart, or beautiful, or that we made the right decision....sometimes, we just need that little extra something to make us know that everything will be okay.

I had one of those yesterday. And it felt WONDERFUL. If this runs long, I apologize. I have to give all the details for this to make sense.

In 2011, my mom sent me a birthday card with two gift cards in it--$25 for both Panera and Bed Bath Beyond. I promptly lost the card and gift cards. I drove myself CRAZY looking for that stupid card and gift cards for months.  Then, I only looked for it every few months, then I just gave up hope, figured it got tossed in the recycling by accident, and tried to move on. It bothered me some, but as time passed, it bothered me less. But it still bothered me--it was the last birthday card that I ever got from my mom, and I really wanted to keep it. I didn't care about the giftcards, I wanted the words she had written me.

When my mom passed, I was bequeathed with almost all of her jewelry (my dad kept a few pieces). Don't go thinking that it was a collection of diamonds and rubies--I grew up on a farm, and jewelry was not something that alot of money was spent on--so it does not include vast riches, although there are quite a few beautiful vintage pieces.

In the collection are two Egyptian scarab bracelets (they were popular in the 50's and 60's). Since my moms jewelry collection was a mish-mosh of my grandmothers (both maternal/paternal), and great aunts, I don't know who they belonged to initially. Either way, neither one has EVER fit around my wrist--but not for lack of trying. Every few months, I go and try to put one on. Whenever I can wear something that belonged to one of the strong, beautiful women from which I am descended, I feel both loved and empowered.

Yesterday, one of the bracelts FIT around my wrist and was loose enough to actually latch comfortably. I was over the moon excited! Then, while looking for my I-9 documents (passport/birth certificate/SSN), I FOUND THE BIRTHDAY CARD! And that was just the little boost of reassurance that I needed to know that any doubts that I have had about moving forward were not necessary.

Two signs from my mom in one day! How can I NOT be confident about the future at this point?

Looking forward to all of the changes that Spring will bring! Blue skies, warm breezes, new experiences, and happiness.



  1. This post gave me chills. Honestly, it did. Maybe even a little glassy eyed too, not that I'd admit it. Those were both such beautiful signs, especially finding the card while looking for your documentation.

    It's like your mom was telling you that you are making the right decision, and she is proud of you :). That's amazing.

  2. wow that is incredible. I do believe things are led into our paths at JUST the right time, just like this finding the card and the braclet fitting.. So happy for you all the way around girl. Wonderful Day!

  3. That is amazing. I am all about signs from the ones we love, and your mom is speaking to you! I hope that this feeling lasts for a while. Keep up the awesome work.

  4. So happy you can wear the bracelet and found the card. I totally understand feeling stronger wearing something that connects you to someone you love and felt loved by. Maybe you can use the BBB card to get something along those lines, too. :)

  5. What a sweet story! Thank you for sharing!